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2018 & Beyond

We apologize

We apologize for any and all confusion we may have caused related to our overall existence and store hours. In 2018, we hope to spin forward and bring fourth a fresh Bicycle Renaissance that meets the needs of an ever changing bike community both locally and globally. 


Through our website we hope to keep you updated with new products, sales, promotions and general news about the bike industry. As always, our website will continue to serve as a catalog for products both in stock and at our respected dealer warehouses (Call/email for Special Order Request and up-to-date quantities/stock). We do house closeout bikes, apparel, parts, shoes and other sweet gear in shop which is not always displayed online, therefore stop into Bicycle Renaissance from time to time for hidden gems. 

Social Media

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Call us at 212-724-2350

When all else fails and you simply want to talk to a person, shoot us a call at 212-724-2350. Store operation hours are from 10:30AM-7:00PM, Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday, followed by weekend hours of 10:00AM-5:00PM. 

If you are rushing to get to us before closing, please call in advance so that we can make accomodations for you. Our mechanics end all major repairs 30 minutes before closing time but are more than capable of taking care of the common flat or chain replacement so that you can get back on your way. Please keep in mind, once the door is locked at closing time, it will only open to let people out.